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*1/5 1993
+15/2 2000


To my beloved tiel. You were always there.

You had become a part of my life,
and I was always thinking of you.
You comforted me when I was sad,
You cheered me up when I was crying.
You sang with me when I was happy,
You took a nap on my shoulder when I was working.
You listened when I needed to talk to someone,
You never complained.

You never judged, You loved me for who I am.
You were satisfied just to be with me,
You had no other requirement than being with me.

One morning you didn't wake up. You seemed to be
asleep but your little heart had stopped beating.
Your life was to short, we only had seven years together.
Seven years of happiness and love.

I will always ask - why did you have to leave?
You gave me so much and I will remember you forever.

There's a big emptiness inside me and no one can ever take your place in my heart. I will love you forever my beloved cockatiel.

I miss you and I wonder if I ever
will be able to be happy again.

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